Who We Are

Athletics Recruiting was founded by Greg Pereira during his Junior year at the Branson High School in Ross, CA.

How We Began

Greg Pereira, Founder

After seeing his sister and many of his friends go through the recruiting process, Greg soon faced the same challenges himself. While talking to college coaches, it became clear that having a website where an athlete could keep all of their stats, scores, distances, grades, transcripts, recommendations and video all in one secure online location would be very helpful to college coaches.

Having a background in coding, an understanding of business, and a love for both entrepreneurship and sports, Greg went about creating and marketing simple, clear resume-style websites that show off student’s athletic talent and make it easy for college coaches to find them on the Web. Greg works mainly in HTML and CSS, but is familiar with JavaScript, Java, and Python.

Our Development Team

Greg will most likely build your site himself, but in times of high demand, we draw from a pool of trained, local developers to help out. Once your site is built, our team will review your site, looking for errors - both grammatical and code based before it is passed to you for your approval.

Your Site is Securely Hosted at SiteGround

Having a reliable host with statistically proven 99.99% uptime is critical to our success. Your site is protected by SSL and is backed up regularly. SiteGround uses lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed.