We Create Recruiting Websites for High School Athletes

Athletics Recruiting creates and posts athletic resume websites for high school students who are interested in playing college athletics.

Athletics Recruiting websites make it easy to keep your resumes, transcripts, test scores, and videos securely online in one central location, making it easy colleges and college coaches. This is vital for athletes; the biggest obstacle in the recruiting process, short of a lack of talent, is the accessibility of your information.
College coaches all agree that having a student’s information in one place makes it easier to make their decisions about which students to recruit.

Get Started In 4 Simple Steps:

Choose Style

Choose from our few artistic styles, which will serve as the structure for your website.


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Mail your check. Beginning 2/15/16 we will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Edit & Approve

Our turn-around period is less than 2 weeks. One round of edits comes free with your purchase.


What to Expect

What We Do

We upload the content you provide to us into your choice of our three template styles.
We correct our typos free of charge and give you one round of minor edits free of charge. After the first round of edits, subsequent edits are charged at a rate of $15 per edit session. An edit session is defined as any time we have to open the server to make a change.
Basic SEO is included; comprehensive SEO is an additional charge. In most cases, Basic SEO is all you need.

We Host Your Site and Provide a Custom Subdomain So Google Can Find You

Let's say your name is Joni Garland: your site URL can be "Joni-Garland-Golf.athleticsrecruiting.com" or "Jon-Garland.athleticsrecruiting.com". Having your name closer to the front of your URL increases the chances that search engines will find you. This offers a distinct advantage over other profile-posting sites.

Hosting Is Included in the Purchase Price

One full year of hosting is included in the purchase price. If you choose to renew, each addition year of hosting services is only $12.95. When you have found your scholarship, college, etc., and are ready to take your site down, just let us know. There are no refunds for partial years of hosting fees.


What We Don't Do

Athletics Recruiting is a service that creates websites based on the content supplied by high school students, their coaches, or their parents. We do not communicate with college coaches in any way; that’s your job as a student athlete. We do not give advice in the recruiting process or help with it in any way besides publishing the student’s website in a clear and concise manner. That being said, having your own dedicated website is still a potent and important tool in the recruiting process.

We're Not a Custom Web Shop

The web pages we will develop for you will look almost identical to the examples shown on our examples pages. Though at times we can make slight tweaks to the design, the standard price of each website does not include any custom modifications. For minor customizations (like color changes), please contact us and we will give you a quote. We bill at $50 per hour for custom work and have a $50 minimum. If you prefer a highly customized website unlike our 3 preset style offerings, Athletics Recruiting is not for you.

We Don't Create or Host Video

But We Do Link-To Videos You've Posted, Giving You Complete Control or Your Film. For team sports like volleyball, basketball, football, soccer & baseball, video is an essential component of the recruiting process. Video production is a specialty, and as a convenience to our customers we can attest to the high quality standard of Next Play Productions,  https://www.nextplayproductions.com. Once your video is posted, just send us the links and we will create thumbnails that will appear on your site.